February 07, 2008

Canyon Ridge 15th Anniversary

The Adcock clan had the incredible honor of being back in Vegas for Canyon Ridge's 15th Anniversary celebration. What an incredible time!

Very few events in life (let alone family trips) do you get all done and say, "Man, that couldn't have been any better!"

A phenomenal dinner at
Dad & Nancy's, In-N-Out with Mitch & Craig, The Original Pancake House with Kevin & Ginger Odor, Dinner with our dear friends John & Cathy (and they're incredible kids), the always amazing Buffet @ Wynn with Nick Ruggiero, afternoons & evenings with the Carders (can't wait til Dave gets back from Iraq), lunch & dinner with the Andrade's (thanks for sharing your chincera, Ashlea!). Rock climbing Red Rock Canyon, The Da Vinci Experience.

But nothing surpasses the incredible expansion of the Kingdom there as 5,100 people gather for worship and 3,500 have been baptized in the first 15 years. Can't wait for the day that happens in one year and then one day! Go God!


February 06, 2008

SERIES iMIX: Isaiah ~ Song of Salvation

As we start a new series, the worship leaders have created an iMix to prompt your heart & mind.

February 04, 2008

FBC 30th Anniversary Opening

Listen close and you'll hear Parker, McKenna, & Logan!