May 20, 2009

mommyyyyyy. mommyyyy.

Today in the library, while reading the introduction to Brennan Manning's newest, "the furious longing of God," I heard a child of about six quietly whispering.... mommmyyyy. mommyyy. Walking slowly toward me, looking down each towering aisle of books he continued ever so softly... mommyyyyy.

All of is this happened in just a matter of a few heartbeats, but even as quiet as though he was, his mother's head snapped around a row of books and gently called his name. A mother's ear is tuned to the voice of her children.

I can imagine their conversation as they walk up the front steps. Now as we go into the library, we have to whisper and be very quiet. He had obviously heard this many times and the lad had learned his lesson well. And Mom had done a good job instructing her obedient son. But I could easily tell she was the kind of mom who didn't need her son to call to her. Sensing a "tremor in the force" only a second later she would have felt the absence of her child and gone quickly to find him.

We don't often speak of the Motherliness of God, but Scripture does. Matthew 23:37, in speaking of God's chosen nation, "how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings..." What a tender picture of the longing heart of God.

God's heart and affection are for us. He not only loves us. He likes us. Go limp in His lap. Rest your head against His chest and fall asleep to the gentle thump of a Heart that beats for you.