November 16, 2008

22 and Counting

Today, we invited people to follow Christ through Baptism and come to a baptism class immediately following each service. To be honest, I had no idea how many people would come. This is the first we've talked about it to our church.

Ricky Blair, our Video Director, made an awesome video highlighting some of the baptisms we've had since moving into our new facility. Some of my favorites were from the Men's Prison. God is doing amazing things there (keep praying ~ there may be some awesome news coming any day now).

The Classes: We had about 30 people after first service and nearly 50 after second! 22 people signed up to be baptized on Nov. 30th (a service of worship and baptisms). And we're just getting started. So many people told us they were going to bring their "stuff" back next week.

What about you? Have you followed Christ through baptism? Need information? Email me:

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