March 04, 2005

My New Happily Pagan Gay Woman Friend from Seattle

I made a new friend this week. We met each other by surprise. She has the same name as someone on my worship team, who gave up an email address two years ago, picked up by my new friend in Seattle.

I had sent out an email to certain members of my team to check their availability to help lead our Easter services. Imagine my surprise when I get in the office and read this email from "one of my teammates..."

Ok, I don't know who you are, nor do I give a rats rump about your easter services.

I would appreciate it, however, if you would tell who ever gave you this e-mail address to STOP GIVING IT OUT SINCE IT OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T BELONG TO THEM.

Thank you.

Goddess bless,

First Last

A Happily pagan gay woman in Seattle.

--I’ve finally figured out that being male is the same thing, more or less, as having a personality disorder.

—writer Carol Shields

From the tone of this email, I'm betting "First" doesn't consider me a friend. I replied to her the next day (having instructed our IT team to remove the old address). I was light and apologizing. Yet, her email begged a question.

I kindly responded to her email with sincere apology and a promise to correct the problem...


Darrell Adcock
PS. You've got me curious. What makes you happy?

I don't think it takes great maturity of a discernment gift to detect a bit of anger and fear in her reply. I hope she responds. She truly is curious to me.

What in her past formed her opinion of men? How does she define happiness? What in her life brings such a vehiment response to an obviously harmless mistake?

I pray for you, happily pagan gay women in Seattle. You are so happy, you may never know me as friend.

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