March 08, 2005

Think You Manage Creativity? Here's Why You're Wrong

What a great article by the Harvard Business School. If you're an artist in an "accounting world" (business or ministry), you'll feel well understood.

The teaser says:
The rational rules of management don't apply when it comes to fostering creative types. In this Harvard Business Review excerpt, the author explains why you should, among other things, encourage creative workers to defy superiors.

Finally! The key question becomes do organizations really want to foster creative types? What do you think?

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Lu said...

I think if my supervisor overseas had implimented these principles instead of trying to "manage" our office of creative designers, writers and videographers, as if we were a bunch of accountants, we'd have all been a much happier crew, definitely a much more productive crew --- and most wouldn't have left the IMB with a horrible taste in their mouths for ministry.

Thanks for sharing this! I look forward to "hearing" more from you!

PS -- I found you through Randy's blog... ! :)