March 11, 2005

Need to download an arrangement/lead sheet?

To all the Worship Leaders out there looking for downloadable arrangements for their worship teams (especially if you use horns or orchestral instruments), check out a new site by Word Music Now. They've got the catalgues for, Vineyard Music, Maranatha!, and Word, of course. Unfortunately, you can only print the file from the computer from which you purchased the music. (see Trick below) At some point, you just have to trust your customer.

I've also got to plug Dan Galbraith and PraiseCharts. Dan's arrangements are always sound great and are accessible by our volunteers. He often has full worship albums complete by the time they hit the street. We use a lot of Lakewood and Hillsong stuff from there. Thanks, Dan!

SongSelect is another "go to" for me. We've got the membership and can download lead sheets of tons of songs. It's also a great resource to hear clips and find which album a worship song is from.

Most of us are familiar with PDFs (a universal file format that prints the way the document looked, whether PC or Mac). Our PC's running XP have a "printer" called Microsoft Document Imaging. If you hit “print” and choose the Microsoft Document Imaging “virtual printer” you can save an image of document. MDI is Microsoft's PDF. If you "print" to MDI, it will open a copy of the music and then you can save in a folder where you keep arrangements. Anyone on your network can open these files. If you want, you can then "print" it as a PDF, if you have a PDF conversion program like DeskPDF.

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